Space Grade Solar Modules

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Source’s flight proven solar modules are designed for extreme reliability in the space environment.  Source’s modules have specific powers up to 339 W/kg, full electrical redundancy, are tolerant to micrometeorites and localized shading, and are built using space stable materials. Heritage on Transporter-8 & 9 and manifested on future rideshare missions.

Model: GEN 1 (65.5W)
Product Information
Model: GEN 1 (65.5W)

How to Use

Bolt-On Frame

Source has successfully incorporated Solar Modules into bolt-on products in support of multiple flight customers. This approach incorporates a 'picture frame' around the perimeter of the solar module to achieve a bolted interface between the module and the spacecraft. The design is compatible with Source’s Gen 1 modules, and the approach has successfully flown with customers on multiple Transporter launches.  If a bolt-on interface is of interest to you, please reach out to Source to discuss your specific application.

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Direct to Honeycomb Bond

For mass sensitive customers, bonding Source’s Solar Modules directly to a composite sandwich panel is a very attractive solution.  Source’s team of technical experts are happy to work with you as you develop a direct bond solution that supports your unique mission goals.  If you are interested in this type of solution, please reach out to us for more information.

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Easy Bond Solutions

If your team doesn’t have time (or bandwidth) to develop a direct bond solution, Source has developed an easy bond interface that makes a bonded integration approach very simple.  This pre-installed pad makes the modules easy to handle and integrate, and offers our customers several benefits:

  • Minimal Process Development
  • Improved Handleability 
  • Increased Compatibility with Different Backing Materials

The easy bond interface allows integration onto high-CTE (e.g. aluminum) support panels, mounting of the solar panels over heads of fasteners, across open gaps, and across wires and electrical harnessing. 

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