Our Company


Founded in 2021, Source provides reliable, available, and economical power solutions that scale for tomorrow's needs.

Source's Story

We get it. Source's engineers were tired of the same old story in the satellite industry. Building spacecraft meant battling long-lead availability and sky-high prices for solar arrays.

The story begins not with a bang, but with many long sighs. Source's team was stuck designing bespoke products that were a bottleneck for customers: time-consuming to acquire, prohibitively expensive, and unnecessarily difficult on cashflow.

With our team's background, an investment in facilities, and the billions of dollars invested in terrestrial technologies, a new space power model was created.

The result? Source. We are not just another parts supplier promising a low-cost and high-availability future. Source delivers on that promise today. Source delivered a qualified primary power solution 14 months after incorporation. And again later that month with another solution and another customer. And again 2 months later.

Source is dedicated to make space power more accessible and, most importantly, collaborating with you to fill your power needs.

Our Pricing Strategy

Affordability is the Future of Space

Source is committed to building products that are affordable today. More importantly, Source’s prices will improve annually and with quantity.  Our strategy is to help grow the industry, so you can partner with Source in full confidence that you will be able to grow your business and achieve your future goals.


Philip Keller, CEO and co-founder of Source Energy, is a seasoned leader with a strong track record in advanced energy solutions for terrestrial and space markets. As Product Director at Roccor in Longmont, CO, he built the satellite solar array business unit from the ground up, becoming a top performing product line within the company before its acquisition by Redwire. At CTD in Lafayette, CO, Philip established the business unit that identified an opportunity with a U.S. DoD customer that resulted in a program of record for the delivery of 2,500 power systems to the USMC.

Bryan Mazor, COO and co-founder of Source Energy brings decades of space expertise. During his tenure at SpaceX, Bryan Mazor played a crucial role in delivering energy solutions to space. He was directly responsible for transforming numerous new product concepts into reality for both internal and external customers. Bryan's accomplishments include developing, qualifying, and delivering the solar arrays for NASA's human-rated Crew Dragon capsule, which delivers Astronauts to the ISS. Additionally, Bryan led the development of the original Starlink (mega-constellation) solar arrays, both of which exceeded the on-orbit performance requirements for their respective missions.

External Board Member

Bulent is a NewSpace veteran having spent his two decades in this industry in the most cutting-edge and disruptive space companies. Bulent began his career as one of the first employees at the then newly-established SpaceX in 2004, having graduated from Stanford University and following completion of his studies at the Technical University of Munich. At SpaceX, he was essential in growing the company’s avionics department from seven people to over 200 and was as Vice-President responsible for the avionics of the Falcon rockets as well as the Dragon capsule. In his latest role for the company Bulent was Vice-President of Satellite Mission Assurance for SpaceX’s Starlink satellite mega-constellation. Bulent left SpaceX from 2014 to 2016 to co-found the start-up ecosystem and aerospace industry in Europe, during which period he held positions as a partner and mentor at the Munich industrial start-up accelerator TechFounders and take on the role of Head of Digital Transformation and Innovation at Airbus Defence and Space. Following his second stint at SpaceX until the end of 2017, Bulent also helped disrupt the space communications landscape leading Mynaric, a free-space optical communications company, as their CEO.