Large Solar Arrays

Easily meet high energy demands with our configurable large arrays with power up to 303 W/kg, and also stow into extremely compact volumes.

Power: 1.6kW
Bus Voltage: 32V
Configuration: Z-Fold Blanket Only

Product Information


  • Redundant String and Circuit Wiring​
  • Fault Tolerant from Micrometerorite and Localized Shading​
  • Bifacial Array Generates Power from Both Sides​
  • Low Magnetic Moment Signature
  • Small Stowed Volume​
  • Blanket Enclosure Available for Standalone Systems
  • Flat Sat Configuration Available
  • Solar Array Drive Assembly (SADA) compatible​
  • Optional Blanket Yoke available​
  • Optional HDRMs available
  • Space Stable Design (Hardened for UV, Radiation, and Atomic Oxygen)​
  • Designed Lifetime: 7 years - LEO​
  • Ascent/Launch Survival​ for Multiple Vehicles
  • Built-in Offload GSE Interfaces

Beta Prototype Testing

Electroluminescence photos of a recent 3kW beta prototype, were taken following a deployment demonstration to visually inspect for workmanship.

Deployment Mechanism

Beta prototype scalable pantograph boom mechanism (24.6ft shown).


Start of Deployment

Middle of Deployment

Locked Out